Identification and Ranking of Economic Factors Affecting the Service Exports (Case of Study: Pasargad Bank)

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Faculty Member of Tehran South Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 M.A. in Business Management, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


This study is carried out to examine the economic factors affecting the services exports using descriptive-survey method. Research objectives are Identification of economic variables affecting the services exports, Identifying the critical components of service exports, The study of the structural model on the effect of discovered components on export services and Ranking the weight of each of the factors obtained compared with the other factors. The statistical population includes Pasargad bank experts. 310 experts are selected by simple random sampling method. The validity of the questionnaire is confirmed by the community of experts and its Cronbach's alpha is 89%. Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation...) and inferential statistics (factor analysis and structural equation analysis) were used to analyze the data. The variables identified by factor analysis include the following four factors: The relations of international relationships, On-the-job skills, Competitive financial infrastructures and Foreign markets contexts. According to the results obtained from the AMOS software, all of the identified components have a significant effect on the service exports variable at 95% level. It was observed that competitive financial infrastructures had the most impact on the service exports variable. The market contexts variable is in the second place, and On-the-job skills are in the third place and, finally, the relations of the international communications had the lowest effect on the service exports variable.