Reviewing the Effect of Iran - Iraq War on Post- revolution Program of Economic and Social Development in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Sociology, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Present study has been done with the aim of reviewing effects of eight-year war between Iran and Iraq on the first program of economic and social development in Islamic Republic of Iran. Theoretical framework of this study is functionalist perspective in order to identify positive and negative functions of this war for the first development program after Islamic revolution that has been done with the method of documentary and library studies. The study indicate that except improving quantity and quality of multipurpose defense industries with higher defensive scientific standards that has been resulted in independence in defense, saving foreign exchange and defense exports, other aims of this program which included decreasing reliance on oil, increasing non- oil exports, economic and food independence have not been fulfilled by increasing investment and efficacy and stopping consumerism, providing needs of the poor, decreasing unemployment, fulfilling social welfare and meeting the sanitary and health needs, development of culture and education and preventing city growth and immigration have not been fulfilled or have been fulfilled lower than the predicted points. At last, detailed solving methods have been presented for confronting with consequences and negative functions of possible war in the future.