Sociological Analysis of Impressments of Modern Factors on Religious Values in Rural Kurdistan

Document Type: Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Sociology, Farhangian University of Kurdistan, Iran


This research has been done during two years and with studying and consistent referring to almost thirty villages of region called” Mukerian” located in south of west Azarbaijan Iran. Data’s of this research considering socio-cultural peculiarities of studied rural by using qualitative methods and grounded theory and applying techniques like; deep interviews, oral history and field participation. Theoretically, new theories of modernization and some of theories which related to interpretive sociology have been our guidance and especially Engelhard’s theory of values evolution, new theory of modernization and reflexive modernity of Giddens have formed our conceptual frame work. Anyway, observation, studies and “ lived experience” of researcher shows the happening of different “objective- subjective” kind of changes in the “ life world” of Kurdish rural under influence of environmental conditions, locating in border age and neighboring with Iraq and Turkey, historical, political and cultural conditions of geographical region called” Mukerian”, in different fields; “religious and spiritual values” , all show ”modernizing of rural man .In fact we in one side observing “ creation of some new and modern traditions’ and in the other “ modernizing of some old traditions” in Iranian rural community and so in Kurdistan. All such changes guided us toward our field theory which we have called it “rural pseudo-modernism with Kurdish Iranian characters”.