Meta-Analysis of the Iranian Studies on Social Harms

Document Type: Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Chalus Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mazandaran, Iran


The present study is a meta-analysis of the previous studies in the field of social harms. For this purpose the study is presented in two sections: theoretical evaluation and the methodology of studies. In Recent years there has been an increase in the studies related to the field of social harms. Previous studies and statistics show that the high number of addictions, divorce, suicide and change of style is becoming a social and cultural acute problem which needs fundamental reformations. Based on the theory of Klineberg, an individual is affected by the individual culture or the environment’s culture that has a fundamental role in relation to institutes, places and interactive ability and communications and the lack of relationship of individuals with social values results in social harms. Also the general evaluation of referees considered 68.2% of the theoretical and empirical basics, 78% methodology, 50% of the results, 49% of the guidelines as good. Based on the subject of the study about the social harms, some guidelines were categorized for them addressing cultural and social institutes (family), media (educational and religious) and social institutes, etc.