Are Women Obsessed with ‘White’ Weddings?

Document Type: Research Paper


1 MSc, Winnipeg, Canada

2 BSc, Nkrumah, UniversityKwame

3 BSc, Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kwame


The current study sought to explore into whether women are obsessed with ‘white’ weddings.  It examined the various possible factors/variables attributed to this assertion. The researchers employed a qualitative case study approach to examine the phenomenon. Thirty single women at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana were sampled using the purposive sampling technique. Interviews were conducted with the thirty single women with the assistance of a semi-structured interview guide. Content analysis technique was used to describe the responses of the research participants. The research findings indicated that, women are not actually obsessed with ‘white’ weddings but the concept of marriage itself is very essential to them. It was revealed that, women place a much value on marriage since it basically moves an individual from one stage in life to another. They furthered that, marriage is very important not just to them but to their parents, families and even society. To them, such lifetime commitment is very significant. Furthermore, the findings indicated that, women would forfeit the wedding ceremony but for certain factors such as legality of the marriage, and even the significance of the exchange of vows and rings where the traditional ceremony somehow overlooks.