Representation of Gender Roles in Child and Young Characters in Game of Thrones Series

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Social Science, East Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


he purpose of this study is to demonstrate how we, especially children and adolescents, are influenced by the media; this issue had investigated by analyzing the representation of gender roles in the Game of Thrones Series. There were based on three social learning, socialization and cultivation theories. This research had done a quantitative content analysis. The variables included 20 gender attributes (10 female attributes and 10 male attributes) and gender. The statistical population of this study was the main characters of child and outset of youth in 7 seasons of Game of Throne Series. In the statistical sample, 10 female characters and 10 male characters in 20 episodes of these series have been investigated by Regular random sampling method. Results show that gender role attributes had modest representations and these representations were too much for the main characters. The representation of gender role attributes in female and male characters was different and was more for female characters, but these differences were significant for two strong and independent attributes. Female characters had received higher scores of femininity and masculinity. It seems that Game of Thrones Series has diminished some of the gender stereotypes at least for female characters and to some extent for male characters and has challenged stereotypical gender roles.