Sociological Explanation of Islamic City

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran

2 Ph.D. in Sociology


The city is the base and the space for people to come together. The space in which human interaction and social affairs occur and is identified in terms of epistemic and ontological support. So that we can talk about beautiful city, industrial city, western city and Islamic city. This paper uses the method of thematic analysis to explain the Islamic city by analyzing the relevant sources that are selected from their searches on the scientific sites and with the highest relevance. Based on the results of the research, eight major themes and four central themes have been identified in the explanation of the Islamic city, which resulted in two nuclear categories, "the link between Islam and the city," and "explaining the centrality of the Islamic city to the definition and the theory of its centrality." In general, the findings of this research show that the Islamic city has several, sometimes conflicting, definitions, each of which is critically evaluated in its own right, therefore, it should be explained in terms of definition and theorizing. It can be said that the Islamic city is backed up with Islamic identity and its symbols, and this city is different from non-Islamic cities.