Area Increases of Islamic Republic of Iran Using Satellite Images and its Effect on Improving the National Spirit

Document Type: Research Paper


Ph.D. in Political Geography & lecturer of Islamic Azad University Science & Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


Several differing figures exist pertaining to the boarders and boundaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with different computed areas. Therefore, based on the geographical forces, mission and organization, with the aim of preventing any disagreements, taking relative consensus, scientific literature, research and development into consideration, it is proposed for the first time to determine the area and identify the borders as precisely as possible. Data from Iran's neighboring countries, with precise geometric patterns, software and international standards. 1:50000 maps cover the country in this direction were measured and calculated over the borders and the environment Our country's borders with neighboring countries and were calculated separately and in most cases based on surveying the land and water borders between border signs with neighboring countries And obtained islands and waters of the total land area of 1,873,959 km figure. While the borders and boundaries separate land, water and marine calculated separately and neighboring countries and the figure for 8574 km along the borders. The water area of the first countries to separate domestic water, and land.... And calculate the total area of the country was also applied.