Accompaniment of Natural and Artificial Urban Elements in the Creation of Urban Aesthetics (Case of Study: Isfahan City)

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University

2 Ph.D. Student of Urban Anthropology, Islamic Azad University


The objective of this article is to present the established components with regard to the visual quality and legibility of Isfahan city according to Lynch’s theory. Data was gathered in Isfahan mainly by way of observation and interviews. Additional information was obtained from historical data and urban documents. In the opinion of the citizens, the Zayandehrood River, as a natural urban component, plays the most prominent role in the image-ability and legibility of the city. Moreover, the Siose and Khajoo Bridges, being symbolic urban components built on the river, play a vital role in the visual quality of the city. Thus, it can be said that a creative mix of natural and man-made urban components could advance the impression of the city and also instil the citizens of Isfahan with a feeling of pride.