Study of Educational Plays Effect on Learning Concepts of Knowing and Comparing Number Mathematics in First-grade Girl Students of Shahr-e Ray

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Primary Education, Islamic Azad University Share- Ray Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Counseling, Science and Research Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Mathematics curriculum in schools is always a key position and is considered as an essential knowledge. So it is taught in the first years of school curriculum. This knowledge has focused on calculating the initial period. So this part of mathematics play an important role in Lives of all people so this knowledge is essential for learning today. In the early years of primary school children, through the making and working with objects and tangible things, learn different concepts. Play is one of the most effective and best ways to teach children. Education using play has several advantages. Since students like play and involve in their play and since play appear as simple complex situations of life and concepts of educational problems and as a result, they easily learn the concepts. This research has studied the educational games effects on learning of math concepts on primary school girls of Shahr-e-Ray. Research goal determine effect educational plays to learn on the concepts of the curriculum of first-grade math students The study population consisted of all female first-grade students in the school year of 2012- 2013 who lives in Shahr-e-Ray.50 first grade student was chosen with Cochran formula, and divided into two 25 group(experimental and Control) randomly. The data collected with 30 question questionnaire made by researcher that divided in two areas of training numbers (knowing number) and comparing the number ( less, more or equal). Educational games (6 games) were performed during 10 sessions. This study was semi-experimental pretest and posttest with control group and follow up steps. For data analysis descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used. The result of this study showed that educational games has influenced on learning of math concepts in knowing and comparing numbers. We found that educational play have effect on learning math curriculum concepts (knowing and comparing numbers).