Study of the Role of Rehabilitation Centers in Treatments of Addicts in Iran and Need for Their Expansion

Document Type: Research Paper


Professor of Sociology, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran


This paper is based on a research carried out for evaluation of addict rehabilitation centers in Iran. The research has been conducted by application of survey method, questionnaire technique and interview with help seekers (addicts) in Qarchak Varamin Rehabilitation and De-addicion Center in south- eastern of Tehran. This study has been carried out in two stages of pre-treatment and rehabilitation and comparison of addicts between these two stages aimed at resting of six hypotheses in a meaningful relationship with the scale of depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, social alienation, political alienation and tendency towards collective work during above mentioned stages among addicts. Results of the study show that despite considerable efforts by the officials of the Rehabilitation Center to achieve the objectives of the Center in detoxification of addicts, the applied methods during pre-treatment stage have not been very effective in preparing the necessary ground for acceptance of program in the next stage (rehabilitation). Meanwhile, lack of continuous contact between the help seekers and the center during the second stage (rehabilitation) and after discharging, has reduced the extent of relative success during the rehabilitation period.