Assessment of the Feeling of Happiness Based on Socio-Economic Status among the Young People between the Age of 15 and 29, Residing in Dist. 5 of Tehran City

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran

2 M.A. in Sociology from Islamic Azad University, Tehran Sciences and Research Branch


Happiness is among the concepts which were subject of empirical studies in 1960s. This concept has been used interchangeably with such concepts as joy, satisfaction with life and the like. While meaningfully correlating with the feeling of joy and satisfaction with life, as indicated by numerous researches, the feeling of happiness is affected by different factors and situations. The present research aims to study and assess the feeling of happiness based on social and economic status. The present research is of survey type. Statistical population of the research consists of the young persons between the age of 15 and 29, residing in District 5 of the city of Tehran. The samples under study are 322 young persons who have been selected by Stratified sampling method. All of them were asked to answer to a questionnaire consisting of 77 questions. The achieved data was analyzed by using SPSS software program.
The results indicated that there is a meaningful relation between the feeling of happiness and variables of life quality, socio-economic status, feeling of joy and satisfaction with life. On the other hand, according to the results of multiple regression analysis, only two variables of feeling of joy and socio -economic status had meaningful relation with dependent variable (feeling of happiness). The results achieved from hypotheses testing and theoretical model test correspond to the findings of previous researches and indicate that empirical data supports the research’s theoretical model.