The Impression of Water Crisis in National Security

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, University of Farabi, Tehran

2 M.A. Student in Geography, University of Tehran


Our country, Iran, is in the category of waterless and survived countries because of lack of climate downfalls to its unsuitable local to temporal transmittance. Environmental concerns mainly after 1960s that have boon seriously proposed in universal politics, created a variety of assessments. In the late decades, environmental change such as: climate change, has caused chief challenges for the human security that the most immediate on is the scarcity if biological resources. Although this crisis is not is not the immediate factor in war formation. It creates pressures which amplifies the emotions and stimulate ethnic clash, anxiety disturbance and rebellion. Tran, as one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East and Persian Gulf area is exposing to environmental threats. Factors like the pollution of air, rivers and seas, drought, climate change. Population increase, immigration and producing energy have considerable effects on casing insecurity disbanding public order to more important than all National security .In this article ,in addition to mentioning the factors involving in the water crisis same solution , will presented at the national level.