Development and Resources Distribution Structure in Political Systems

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Head of National Resources and Development Group (NRDP)

2 Department of Educational Management, Islamic Azad University, Yadegar-e Imam Khomeini Branch, Shahr-e Rey

3 Department of Educational Management, Islamic Azad University, Chalus Branch


Distribution and allocation of resources is affected by factors such as values, norms, social stratifications, ideology, information, coercion, political challenges, and even external factors. This finding means that there is always a fundamental tendency to redirect resources toward political goals instead of public interests and development. Because the resource structure is strongly influenced by political factors, there are real possibilities to deviate resources from its original function, which is public interest. What role does resources and especially resource management and allocation models have in development and how much is their strategic importance? Could national resources graded as the main and critical element in development which because of its vital and extended applications, development is undermined by it?