Education Effect Based on Gardner Multiple Intelligence Hypotheses in Students Mathematics’ Education Progress of High School Second Grade in Garmsar City

Document Type: Research Paper


Faculty member Islamic Azad University of Garmsar Branch


The aim of this study includes investigation into the impact of education based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) on educational achievement of high school students (Grade II) in mathematics from Garmsar City. The current study is of applied type in terms of nature since research is seeking for testing of some theoretical concepts in real and live situations. Whereas the present research deals with controlling and monitoring over some factors so it is of basic and final test administration in terms of semi- empirical method. According to the possibility for presence and administration of education done by researcher, statistical population of the present research includes 57 participants of high school students (Grade II) from Garmsar City, Semnan Province, Iran. Since it does not require using expensive tools for execution training based on Multiple Intelligence Theory so it is benefited from high capacity in terms of execution in the most underprivileged areas but to execute this type of training, we need to skillful and efficient teachers and principals since design of lessons for each subject requires teaching creativity, study and art; therefore, the sufficient time and cost should be spent to training such teachers. With the least facilities, any school may execute many activities that have been designed based on Gardner’s theory but since conditions of schools vary in different areas so teachers should plan and execute their activities with respect to conditions of classroom and school.