Presenting a Model for Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Women based on Grounded Theory (Case of Study: Vulnerable Women Supported by Tehran Municipality)

Document Type: Research Paper


Faculty member of Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch


“Economic empowerment” is the ability of vulnerable women to make a decent living for themselves and their family. This ability not only helps them to meet their essential needs continuously, but also decreases the stress level and mental strains caused by deficiencies in the process of satisfying these needs. A range of fundamental and prevalent social issues affecting various societies usually have a different nature and dissimilar manifestations regarding women as compared to men. For instance, while poverty is considered one of the most prevailing and challenging social issues in different societies, analyzing its trends and its causing and intensifying factors regardless of gender could certainly lead to false results. This study has been conducted on the basis of analytical and descriptive research methodology aiming to plan and present a model for empowering vulnerable women based on grounded theory. The results of this study indicate that factors such as employment, balancing income and expenses, saving, and entrepreneurship have a decisive and significant role in perpetuating and stabilizing the economic empowerment of individuals.