Investigating the Role of Electronic Education Infrastructures in Enhancement of Mobile Learning and Education at Islamic Azad University Electronic Branch

Document Type: Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch


The production, distribution, and consumption of information are the most important development indices of any nation. Plenty of opportunities were created by e-learning which have overall paved the grounds for and enriched the presentation of learning materials through advanced audiovisual educational facilities. Such learning environments are by and large flexible and provide more appropriate learning opportunities for those who, due to their work commitments and/or personal reasons, are unable to attend actual classes. Taking advantage of the capabilities of technological tools such as the Internet and other educational software, the learners can now be benefited from more standard virtual e-learning environments. Mobile learning is a branch of e-learning which provides education through wireless and computerized media. The present article is an attempt to have a closer look at e-learning and mobile education and to examine its mutual relationship with mobile learning. The main question of this study is, however, to enhance education through mobile learning. To provide a plausible answer to this question, students at the Islamic Azad University, Electronic Branchwere asked for their attitude towards the possible role of e-learning infrastructures on the development of mobile learning and education. Descriptive method of research was utilized for the purpose of this study. The results obtained from the correlation analyses revealed a statistically significant relationship between electronic education infrastructures and enhancement of education and mobile learning.