Factors influencing Attitudes toward Drug Use among College Students (Case of Study: College Students University of Kharazmi)


1 Professor of Sociology, University of Kharazmi

2 Ph.D. Student of Rural Community Development, University of Tehran


The sample population was consisted of 299 male and female students of the University of Khwarizmi. Theories used in this study included Social bonding theory, differential opportunity, differential association, feeling anomie and frustration (love, and academic failure). The obtained results indicate that there is the bound variables, anomie, differential association, feeling of anomie, social status, academic failure and failure of the love and dependent variable of attitudes towards drug had significant relationship. Variables failure of love and anomie do not have direct causal impact on drug use and through other variables affect attitude towards drugs. There was not significant relationship between engagement and attitudes to drug. Differential association with correlation (0.383) and beta (0.306) has maximum correlation causal impact on positive attitudes toward drug use among college students.