The Virtual Social Networks and Couples’ Commitment

Document Type: Research Paper


1 M.A. in Sociology, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch

2 Department of Social Sciences, West Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Technologies and various media have affected social institutions such as family and cause
shape changes in relationships within the family. One of the means of communication that are easily
and widely used in the household is Internet. With the entrance of media, especially the Internet to
the family, changes in personal, social, public and private relationships are occurred. The use of
social networks gets more and more popular day by day and it can be said that information technology
has become an integral part of life. As social networks in diminish face-to-face relationship which
can be especially seen in the relations between spouses. This study aims to evaluate the impact of
social networks on the couple's commitment with descriptive and analytical method. Because the
sample in this study is in synchrony with the population, a sample of married couples working at the
Red Cross, Social Security Organization and medical universities are selected by convenient
sampling technique. Questionnaires are provided after their approval, the sample size is 300 persons.
Results show that there is no significant difference in using social networks between genders. There
is an indirect significant relationship between using social networks couples’ trust. There is an
indirect significant relationship between using social networks couples’ commitment. There is a direct
significant relationship between using social networks couples’ dependence. Finally it can be said
that despite the positive results of using social networks, they also have negative consequences such
as a kind of alienation called living alienation which is emerging. In other words self-alienated and
alien self are occurring.