An Anthropological Study on the Origin and Content of Ta’zieh

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor of Social Sciences, University of Tehran

2 M.A. in Anthropology, Member of Anthropological Society of Iran


Ta’zieh is an intertwined set of traditional Iranian music, Iranian classic poetry and Shabih-khani (speech-visual intertwined narration). The central theme (or subject) of Ta’zieh is representation of siege and massacre of Karbala desert Iranian traditions are used to illustrate and retell events commensurate with [the quality of] events and dialogues in the Ta’zieh scene. In other words, Iranian folk culture is dominant on these stories it seems that representation as a human talent, is an element which at the base of Iranians social life conditions, is considered as the origin or the element of beginning of history of Tazieh. It should be noted that, this meaning is not limited to Iranians. Meta representation is an asset which is equally in the mind of all humans.