The Study of Tourists’ Propensity to Revisit Iran


Department of Social Planning, University of Tehran, Iran


This paper aims to probe international tourists' intention to revisit Iran using survey research method. Asian and European tourists constitute the research's statistical population. The data needed were collected from 200 respondents chosen on the basis of convenience sampling method. The data analysis revealed no difference between tourists’ economic-social attributes and their propensity to revisit Iran among the both groups of the respondents. However, the data indicated that the quality of services and facilities particularly transportation and accommodation have an important impact on stimulating the respondents to revisit Iran. Contrary to prevailing belief, the data did not find any significant relationship between some Islamic codes, i.e. hijab etc., and the tendency to revisit Iran. Nevertheless, such variables as the respondents' pre-knowledge and Iranians’ hospitality significantly affect the respondents' intention to visit Iran in the future. The research concluded that improving the quality of services and conducting proper propaganda, via using globally used popular media, to enhance tourists' image of the country simultaneously should be at the top of any attempt to develop the country's tourism industry.