Sociological Evaluation of the Effect of Advertisement on the Amount and Kind of Consumption among Iranian Women


Department of Sociology, Tehran North Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Today, commercial advertisements are emerged all around the world. They include radio, TV, magazines and newspapers. As it is obvious, advertisement is considered as a live process, an economic activity, industry or profession, and also it is a part of media’s content. Advertisement is a social organization which has no effect on the people, structures, culture and whole community. In this paper we have tried to investigate the reasons of the effects of advertisement on the amount and kind of production consuming by Iran’s girls and women from the view point of sociology. Commercial advertisement’s concept internationally, is to give information and massages to people, which has been produced in the 18s and 19s and specially 20s. In this study, we have used survey method, in which we have applied a questionnaire along with interview. The case studies are Tehran University students from the Northern Tehran unit. Case study was a group of girl students of the BA level of social science major; the number of students was 4000, which were selected randomly. In this study, the main aim is to realize that, whether advertisement would have effect on the women’s consumption; if so, to what extent it is. The aim of this study is to sociological investigation of effects of advertisement on the
women consumption.