Examining the Relationship between Social Welfare and Life Satisfaction (Case of Study: Citizens of Kashan City in 2015)

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Social Sciences, University of Kashan, Isfahan, Iran


Following the failure of economic development and growth policies and dissatisfactions resulting from applying these policies, related discussions to life satisfaction was proposed among various experts. In their opinion, different factors can be effectual on life satisfaction. One of the most important factors is social welfare. This study is a social survey and it has used questionnaire for collecting data. Considering the results of Cronbach’s alpha coefficients, validity of the research indices are proved. The statistical society comprises citizens of Kashan in 2015, 308 of whom were chosen based on Cochran formula and stratified random sampling. In this study, the relationship between individual welfare, social welfare and social welfare indices (social security, distributive justice, having access to natural resources and educational-cultural resources as well) on life satisfaction. The results of data analysis of questionnaires shows a positive correlation between social welfare and life satisfaction. Also individual welfare and social welfare explain 0.48 and 0.50 percent of life satisfaction variants respectively.