Dear Researcher

In line with the decision Dated 1398/10/04 registered No. 62815/10 of the Directors of the Islamic Azad University, The Science and Research Branch it is agreed that a sum of 1/500/000 Rials is charged for papers submitted for review upon approval of the editor and an additional 3/500/000 Rials upon Final approval. In case of Papers being rejected the initial payment is not recoverable.



International Journal of Social Sciences is published under the auspices of The Islamic Azad University – Tehran Science and Research Branch. It acts as an interdisciplinary social science forum promoting the exchange of ideas between Iranian scholars and the international academic community. It aims to introduce Iranian social science production at the international level, solicit scholarly contributions from colleagues in other countries, and enhance research cooperation between Iranian scholars and international colleagues. As an interdisciplinary journal, it welcomes contributions from across the social science theory and methodology. IJSS publishes original research papers, case reports, research notes and review papers on various aspects of social sciences. Authors should submit their contributions electronically through the Journal website submission system to the editorial office. 

 Topics of interest to IJSS include: 

  1. Social Behavior
  2. Sociology of Development
  3. Sociology of Family
  4. Urban Sociology 
  5. Sociology of Art
  6. Sociology of Culture
  7. Sociology of Cyberspace
  8. Industrial Sociology
  9. Sociology of Knowledge
  10. Sociology of Sport



Professors, students and researchers

You can send your articles (in Farsi) in social development field to Journal of Iranian Social Development Studies to be reviewed and published.