An Anthropological Study of Folk Plays and Games with Focus on Fooman Town in Gilan Province

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty Member of Garmsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran


Play and Game are considered as the oldest cultural behaviors as the universal elements of human culture in all communities and groups. Gilan province in Iran, especially their villages, has a unique folklore especially its local games and plays. Nevertheless, it is necessary to document and analyze the immense information about the folklore in these villages before it vanishes in the sea of socio-cultural change. The main purpose in this paper is To Anthropological Study of local games and plays with the focus on Fooman town ship in Gilan province. This article is based on quality and tools of data collection is documental, Informal – in depth interviews and participant observations. It is mention in the theoretical framework the present research for its analysis of data, is based on Structural Functionalism theory.