The Effect of Social and Cultural Factors on Generation Gap

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty Member of Social Sciences Department and Member of Young Research Club, Islamic Azad University, Roudhen branch

2 M.A. in Women’s Study, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen branch


This study focuses on the effect of social and cultural determinants on generation gap in Tehranian families in 2011. The purpose of this study is to determine effective factors on generation gap in Tehranian families, analytical and empirical patterns and be surveyed by related theories and effective factors. The research was prepared by questions including whether there is a relationship between social and cultural factors of Iran society and generation gap, if so, what determinants are and affect by how much impact factor, then analyze and determine the subject of research. The method of this research is survey method and information gathered by questionnaire from 500 persons of Tehranian families by cluster sampling which are chosen by simple random sampling. Questionnaire which is formed by researcher is based on Likert Spectrum. In order to analyze the information and test research theoretical model, SPSS and lisrel software are used respectively in this paper. The result of this study is found on direct numerical facts of relation pattern between independent and dependent variables; in other words, there is a significance relation between social and cultural factors including life style, location of residency, communication with ones having the same age in the group, social status of parents, access to mass media and education system with dependent variable, generation gap. Moreover, the results of structural equation model imply the relation between independent and dependent variable which can be claimed that presented models have pleasant fitting and there is favorite conformity between depicted model or structural model with empirical data; this means that the variables have suitable qualification to be used in the final model of research.