Women’s Feeling of Social Security and Social Happiness


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Social Planning, University of Tehran

2 Ph.D. Student of Sociology, Department of Rural Social Development, University of Tehran

3 M. A. in Public Administration, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak


Social Happiness is one of the humanity’s most necessary innate needs and which plays a crucial role in the sublimity of individuals and society. Reaching this would occur once individual has either physical or mental health. One of the effective factors in increasing the amount of individuals’ social Happiness especially in women is providing them with mental dimension of security e.g. felling of social security which in this case individual experiences a kind of relaxation and inner satisfaction and the amount of their vitality and happiness will increase. Therefore, regarding the importance of these two components in women’s social lives, the present study analyses the effect of social security in their social happiness and tries to investigate the opinions of 232 women in Joshagh, Delijan through certain questioners. In this project, social happiness consists of three dimensions including mental, social and psychosocial and researchers have investigated women’s social security from physical, financial, behavioral, and emotional dimensions. Data has been gathered through structural functions evaluated by software Lisrel. Findings proved that social security has positive effect on mental, social and psychosocial Happiness of women. On the other hand, triple dimensions of social happiness has also positive and significant effects on each other. In addition, mediating role of social security has left positive and significant effects on rural women.