Sociological Analysis of the Role of Cultural Capital in Students’ Social Identity (Case of Study: All students of Islamic Azad University, Arak branch)


1 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Islamic Azad University, Mobarakeh Branch

2 Ph.D. Student of Sociology, Islamic Azad University, Dehaghan Branch

3 Ph.D. Student of Sociology, University of Tehran

4 M.A. in Sociology, University of Gilan


This paper intends to evaluate cultural capital & social identity of different dimensions of cultural capital through self-description of people. Then it may study any correlation of cultural capital with different indexes of social identity. Cultural capital in accordance with the viewpoint of Borodino has three dimensions including: Conceptual dimension, Real dimension and finalized dimension. The other aspect of this research is the social identity of students for which we used the idea of different persons such as Giddens, Parsons and Cool to provide a theoretical framework to measure this concept. Followings are different dimensions of identity measurement: Wise handling of affairs, Self-satisfaction, Self-reliance, Approval of others and internalization of values. Measuring method is used for data collection along with a questionnaire. Kendal B test is used at a consequential level. According to the results it is possible to approve that there is a positive correlation between cultural capital and social identity. Mental/ cultural capital has a correlation with all dimensions of social identity but real & organizational /cultural capital have no more correlation with all dimensions of identity. At the end all reasoning and results of research are discussed in the field of future studies and cultural policy making.