Intergenerational Gap: An Emerging Phenomenon in Iran


Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, University of Tehran


Intergenerational gap refers to the disturbance and crisis in the cultural sequence of generations, which leads to conflict in terms of values and norms between parents and children. Until recently, this phenomenon has not been considered a serious issue in Iranian society and the continuation of similar thought patterns through the generations has prevented the emergence of distance and various conflicts between generations. Some sociologists attribute this discontinuity to the gap between tradition and modernity. Nowadays, considering the young population of Iran, this component has turned to a cultural one. The present research investigated the effect of training methods and conflict between norms caused by modernity on generational gap from children's viewpoint. Thus, 250 young people (referring to Azimi Library in city of Tehran) answered a number of related questions and LISREL method was applied to investigate the conformity of the designed model with their ideas.