An Anthropological Study of Folklore in Gilan Province with a focus on Lullabies

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch

2 Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch


Folklore is the body of expressive culture, including tales, music, dance, legends, oral history, proverbs and Lullabies. Study about lullabies as part of Folklore is relatively new science, however collection of its material is a very difficult job because this treasure mostly collected and obtained from the memory of illiterate and uneducated people. It needs a great effort and stability for educated people of a nation to do so since if one is careless and ignorant, there will be sometimes a fear to forget a major part of folklore. Accordingly, regarding the importance of ‘the study of folklore of Gilan province with the focus on Lullabies ‘the researcher conducted this project with the same title. The Aims and objectives of this paper is To get data about the different form of Gilanian Lullabies and analysis them. The method in this paper is quality and also action research and tools of data collection is documental, Informal interviews and participant observations. It is mention in the theoretical framework the present research for its analysis of data, are based on, Structural Functionalism School. And Symbolic-Interpretive Anthropology Approach.