Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, Autumn 2020 
4. Providing a Cultural Model to Understand the Process of Attracting TV Audiences

Pages 33-51

Abdolreza Amir Ahmadi; Mohsen Ameri Shahrabi; Rozita Sepernia; Abbas Ali Ghaiyoomi

7. Typology of Obese Patients’ Attitude to Life and Their Decision-Making Process for Bariatric Surgery

Pages 77-84

Tayyebeh Mirzaahmadi; Tahmoures Shiri; Abbas Ebadi; Bahram Gadimi; RezaAli Mohseni

10. A Descriptive Study on the Political Participation of the Youth in Tabriz in 2017

Pages 107-119

Hushang Najafi; Mehrdad Navabakhsh; Bahram Ghadimi