Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2021 
Explaining Urban Violence and the Lived Experience of Citizens in Tehran

Pages 47-59

Azadeh Sedghi Jalal; Mehrdad Navabakhsh; Abdolreza Adhami

Iranian Education and Sustainable Development in terms of Statistics

Pages 61-67

Tafi Esmat; Baghaee Sarabi Ali; Parvin Savadian

Internet of Things (IOT) and Sustainable Development Focusing on Its Environmental Effects (Case Study: Denmark)

Pages 69-79

Babak Goldouzian; Mohammad Soltanifar; Seyed Ali Rahmanzadeh; Soroush Fathi; Sara Mohammadpour

Investigating the Social factors related to the Level of Citizen Participation with the Police in Khalkhal City

Pages 81-93

Seyed Mohammad Reza Rashidi Al Hashem; Mohsen Hadi Tahan; Shahram Afrasiabi

Factors that Affect Developing Women Entrepreneurship in Gilan

Pages 95-104

Shahrbanoo Rafiei; Soroush Fathi; Tahmuros Shiri